Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Well, I moved. Over a thousand miles away. I now reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. What a lovely place it is! Daily, I am awed by the scenery. I see lots of horses, cows, deer, and squirrels! I see snow on the mountains, sunlight streaming through the clouds, illuminating Garden of the Gods from afar. Yesterday, I could see rain falling a few miles away, so I drove from the sunny side of town to the cloudy side, and enjoyed the rain. The wind here blows, bringing fresh mountain air in gusts. I'm watching a chocolate lab named Bono chase his tail and it's funny! I spend my days with an adorable infant named Edison. I absolutely love it here! Y'all come and visit me, ya hear?

And today I went to a 5th grade graduation where they played part of the song "Legacy." Cool beans

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  1. You make it sound so wonderful. I miss you a lot but I'm happy you're happy. I will have to come visit you soon. Stay safe and happy, my friend. :)