Thursday, 28 April 2011

1,000 Thanks

31. Vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla.

32. Danyo. my big brother. he watches out for me, and God uses him so much in my life.

33. asparagus. I love the creativity God used in making plants, especially the tasty edible ones.

34. pillows

35. blogs. I love reading the autobiographies-in-progress of people who serve God.

36. my mum. could I even begin to list what she has taught me?

37. snow. There is something so amazing about the stuff. again, God got creative.

38. baking. I love making cookies for my brothers.

39. a child's laughter. ever heard two babies laughing together? it's an amazing sound

40. the way a baby fits so comfortably in my arms. I wonder how much more amazing it will be with my own

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