Friday, 19 October 2012


"I kept weapons, in case the tricks acted up. So I wasnt never scared of them. They stupid. Especially the white ones. They be the ones that want to do the dirty stuff but I wasn't having none of that. . ."
And finally Danielle begins to tell me about her experiences in the sex industry. Now she's animated, confident to be the expert, schooling me on which johns are the best paying, which hotels are the nicest, which tricks you have to be careful of. I'm trying to reconcile what she is saying with the fact that I know she's eleven and a minute ago we were talking about her favorite rides at Great Adventure, but I can't

from Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd


  1. I read this a few weeks back when you posted it on facebook, and still, I am speechless.

    1. such a sad story. This girl was so matter-of-fact about her pimp being her boyfriend. everything the author said about her just blew my mind.