Saturday, 16 March 2013


June seven
Two thousand
And eleven.

The date has a nice ring to it.

The date is one that etched its mark on me.

Honestly,  I have no clue what happened that day.  I do not remember. Perhaps my book of ponderances has some reference to it.

But I know it is a day that changed me.

I had already found a very strong desire to love her. My Roses are a testament to that.

But nearly two years ago, I needed more than just to adore her.  I needed to go to her.

And so, I find myself here sans passport, but with a dream tucked it my pocket.  It is obscure but it haunts me still.

There are more questions than answers,  but the one answer I do have is where. No clue when, no clue why, no clue how.

My knee aches so much right now.

"Why did you take 3 cups of coffee tonight,  you idiot?"

I love you Ayiti.

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