Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Just some sentences from a book. . .

Oh, I do so wish to get above myself and all my childish, petty ways, and to live in a region where there is no temptation and no sin!

He so evidently spoke to God in it,  an as if he were used to such speaking. He then made an address on the ministry of disappointments, as he called it. He spoke so cheerfully and hopefully that I began to see almost for the first time God's reason for the petty trials and crosses that help to make up every day of one's life.  He said there were few who were not constantly disappointed with themselves,  with their slow progress, their childishness and weakness; disappointed with their friends who, strangely enough, were never quite perfect enough, and disappointed with the world, which was always promising so much and giving so little.  Then he urged to a wise and patient consent to this discipline, which, if rightly used, would help to temper the soul against the day of sorrow and bereavement.  But I am not doing him justice in this meagre report; there was something almost heavenly in his expression which words cannot describe.

Two souls dwell in my poor little body,  and which of them is me and which of them isn't, it would be hard to tell.

We only know ourselves and what we really are, when the force of circumstances bring us out.

And it is plain that self-love cannot die without a fearful struggle

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