Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Last night I dreamed that I was come again 
Unto the house where my beloved dwells 
After long years of wandering and pain.

And I stood out beneath the drenching rain 
And all the street was bare, and black with night, 
But in my true love’s house was warmth and light.

Yet I could not draw near nor enter in, 
And long I wondered if some secret sin 
Or old, unhappy anger held me fast;

Till suddenly it came into my head 
That I was killed long since and lying dead—
Only a homeless wraith that way had passed.

So thus I found my true love’s house again 
And stood unseen amid the winter night 
And the lamp burned within, a rosy light, 
And the wet street was shining in the rain.

C. S. Lewis

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